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Worldwide Integrated Resources is a quality manufacturer and importer of fasteners, metal stampings, wire forms, castings, injection and blow molded plastic parts, hardware, hardware packages and components. Our name is well known in the cleaning industry.

Worldwide Integrated Resources prides itself on our product quality, customer service and competitive pricing.

Today we supply goods into many markets, including housewares, hardware, paint, foodservice, healthcare, safety, building, marine, vending, gift and other specialty channels. Our products are associated with biggest names of their respective industries. Unlike our approach to cleaning, which is marketed openly, we look for the opportunity to form a partnership in each new industry and not to create new competition.

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Metal Stampings
Precision, High-Volume

Metal StampingsManufacturing most types of metal stampings including progressive, transfer, compound, and deep draw stampings. Our high quality metal stampings are manufactured in modern facilities to your specification with complete quality control.

Metal Fabrication
Simple to Complex

Metal FabricationsWorldwide Integrated Resources can fabricated the simplest metal items likes boxes to complex fabrications such as vending machines that include mechanical and electrical wiring and assembly.
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Wire Forms
One Stop Answer to Wire Forms

Wire FormsWorldwide Integrated Resources manufactures a broad range of wire form components, many of them used in products that use today. Types of wire forms include flat, round, threaded, strip and drilled or pierced. Materials include steel, aluminum, iron, brass. Finishes include chrome plating, galvanized and painting.

Plastic Injections
Small to Large

Plastic InjectionsWorldwide Integrated Resources manufacturing capabilities include injection molded plastic parts, blow molded plastic parts, thermo set plastic parts, machined plastic parts, and complete plastic part assemblies. We can manufacture the smallest parts (medical components) to large subassemblies.
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Resin Castings
Structural and Decorative

Resin CastingsWorldwide Integrated Resouces offers broad range of castable urethane formulas and experience to meet the needs of customers from a diverse spectrum of industries from decorative museum pieces to after-market auto parts and architectural items.

Subassemblies to Retail

AssembliesWorldwide Integrated Resouces supplies finished subassemblies, assemblies and ready to retail packages for any product. Worldwide can provide complete A to Z packaging and assembly including packaging design and POP displays.
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Product Design
From concept to delivered item 

Product DesignWith ever shortening design cycles and the need for lower development costs, Worldwide Integrated can help you accelerate projects and improve your end products. We can offer you a comprehensive single stop solution from design-to-prototype-to-product development-to-finised manufactured item in a single process.
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